Orchard House

A Registered Care home in Cornwall for adults with a learning disability and behaviours that challenge

Registered Manager: Jonathan Steed

Managers: Maria Thorne & Helen Willshire

Orchard House
sandwich Orchard House is designed as three separate but linked living areas. This layout affords individuals the opportunity to socialise together or enables them to have their own space. boat trip
Orchard House provides high quality care for 10 adults with learning disabilities particularly individuals with behaviours that challenge such as Autism, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Angelman's Syndrome and associated needs such as epilepsy.
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Each seperate living area within the house has its own lounge, kitchen and bathing facilities.

With a calm, comfortable and happy environment we have attained a high level of success in supporting people through times of high anxiety and difficulty and reduced the occurrences of behaviours that challenge.


Orchard House consistently receives good CQC reports and has an excellent reputation in being able to support individuals with some very difficult behaviousr where previous placements have broken down.

A stable, experienced and friendly trained staff team provides support 24 hours a day.

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There is a strong commitment in encouraging people to develop their independence, integrate into the community, mix with their peers and help them manage the risks in life that all people face as they grow and develop.

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